016: Poopy Pants and Lightsaber Sticks with Jeff Goins

Kids want all kinds of unhealthy stuff. Limitless candy, no bedtime, and unhindered access to video games. Hence the need for parental intervention.

We hide the candy, turn off the lights, and unplug the video games before things get out of hand. However, we rarely stop to think if the process of pursuing our own dreams gets out of hand. How do we intervene on our own behalf?


In this episode of Dad Life Rules, Jeff Goins and I talk about the path to significance, potty training, lightsaber sticks, and what dads can teach their kids about the tension between chasing dreams, work, and life.

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In this episode, Jeff and I discuss:

  • The danger of succeeding at the wrong thing
  • Where the American Dream is broken
  • What not to say to parents who are potty training their toddler
  • How to guarantee you sleep on the couch tonight
  • The relationship between work and identity
  • Stephen King’s secret to creating great art
  • Why dying to your dreams is a bad idea
  • How dads can prepare their kids to navigate the tension between dreams and responsibilities
  • Key mindset shifts to unlock success secrets
  • Common mistakes of young parents
  • Dangers of the comparison trap for parents
  • Teaching kids to influence the outcome by changing what is within their control

Quotes and Takeaways

  • “Understanding the journey helps you find your purpose and calling.”
  • “If we get what we want, are we really successful?”
  • Life does not look linear
  • “We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control who we are and how we react in those moments.”
  • The worst thing we can do is waste our life by wishing for someone else’s.
  • Your family is not a support system for the work you are called to do.
  • If you don’t like an outcome, get better.
  • Coasting on the accomplishments of yesterday is the quickest path to insignificance.
  • The best teacher is demonstration.
  • “Life is not about arriving at some destination, it’s about becoming someone.”



Dad Life Rules

Next week we’ve got Chase Reeves on the show talking about encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in our kids and existential crises.

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