Dads can have it all

I hate lifestyle gurus.

Don’t you?

You know the type. They’ve got a blog or maybe a book and they postulate about all these little top secret tricks that will magically lead you to live a complete and fulfilling existence in 4 hours a week.

I hate those people. You know why?

They are cheating. And not in the “let’s buck the system, break all the rules, and reinvent the game” sort of cheating.

No, I’m talking about dirty, rotten liars who live outside of reality and try to sucker the rest of us into buying their ebook, how-to guide, course, webinar, or catchphrase product as the only hope of achieving success.

I call bologna sandwich on all that.


Photo Credit: Tojosan via Compfight cc

My name is KC.

I’m a writer, dreamer, coffee chugger, social media addict, technology enthusiast, productivity fiend, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, editor, publisher, fitness aficionado, photographer, avid reader, speaker, freelancer, movie buff, music appreciator, podcaster, and abuser of the Queen’s English.

But I have kids.

There are so many activities I enjoy… but I have kids.

There are countless hobbies I want to try… but I have kids.

I’d love to quit all my day jobs and foolishly risk it all… but I have kids.

I want to practice more marketing, writing, and public speaking instead of punching a clock… but I have kids.

I’m staying up to 11:00 p.m. working on side hustles after the kids are in bed and waking up at 4:00 a.m. to exercise and write some more.

These lifestyle gurus who write from the beach or a cabin in the woods or even the indie coffee shop on the corner are cheating! That’s great they can create content from anywhere in the world and are skilled enough at sales to sucker us into buying their crap, but they don’t have kids!

Sure these so-called “gurus” quit their job, slept on a friend’s couch for 3 months, smoked weed and suddenly were struck with a brilliant idea. But those snot-nosed jerks don’t have kids!

Of course the rules don’t apply to them! They aren’t playing the same game as the rest of us trying to put food on the table. We got kids to feed!

But YOU get it, don’t you?

You’ve got dreams, but you’ve got kids.

Or rather you’ve got dreams AND you’ve got kids.

Kids are not a burden, but a blessing. They give us bigger and better dreams than any freelancing flake can imagine. Kids motivate us to push beyond our limitations and reach for something greater.

This is for you. The dad in the trenches.

The real man who wakes up every morning and does what it takes to provide for his family, be present with his children, and love his wife.

I raise my coffee mug to you. May it always be full.

Keep holding onto those dreams my friend. I believe you can have it all. You don’t have to choose between marriage and money, children or championships, family or fame.

It is possible to chase dreams AND raise kids who leave a lasting impact on the world greater than you can alone.

Dads can have it all.

Dad life is the best life.

Dad life is a roller coaster of joy, pain, laughter, tears, and chaos.

Dad life is full of rewards that surpass the value of any bank account.

Dad life matters.

Dad life rules!

This is the introduction to Dad Life Rules: A Manifesto from the Front Lines of Fatherhood. Get your free copy HERE and be first in line to learn tips and principles to discover the best life. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just candid advice from a dad in the trenches next to you.