DLR008: Flying Solo Without Freaking Out

There comes a time in every dad’s life when he must face the inevitable. No matter how long he’s tried to delay dealing with it, he’s gotta suck it up and accept his fate.

Sooner or later, Mommy will leave him alone. With the kids.

Oh! The horror!

Men seem to fall into 2 categories (as everything else does) when it comes to their attitude of flying solo with the munchkins:

  1. Over-confident. I got this. I’m a trained professional. How hard can it be? I made these kids after all. Surely I can take care of them for a bit while Mommy is out. No sweat.
  2. Panic-stricken. I don’t got this. I’m unqualified to care for another human being. This is so hard. How long will you be gone? When do I feed them? What if something happens? Very sweaty.

The degree of confidence or panic is often directly related to Mommy’s absence from the home.

Gone for a couple hours to go shopping? No problem.
Gone for a few days for work? Big problem.

After 8 years of fatherhood I’m more in confident category. Which means I occasionally over-estimate my skills and quickly find myself drowning in diapers while anxiously awaiting Leanne’s return.

Sometimes flying solo is rough, but having “Daddy time” alone with the kids is awesome at the end of the day. And not just because everyone shorter than me is finally asleep and I can hear my own thoughts.