100 Free Brownie Points

Okay men, let’s get real. We’ve got a general problem with remembering important dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and the mother of all romantic holidays: Valentine’s Day.

Unlike most occasions, Valentine’s Day is a little tricky. Tread carefully my friends.


Rule #1: Listen to your wife.

Approach this one cautiously. You must know your wife. If she’s the type of woman to say “Don’t buy me anything” and she really means “You better show up with flowers and candy” that’s your call.

Sidebar: Ladies, please set your man up for success. Be honest and clear about your expectations.

Alright, back to those 100 brownie points I promised. It’s crazy easy. You ready?

Buy your wife flowers in January.

But KC, Valentine’s day is in February. You’re too early, bro.

That’s why this is such a genius move. Observe.

1. You will save money

Ever bought flowers around a major holiday? It can cost an arm and a leg. Stores will jack up prices 3-4x the normal price tag. And there you are feeling like a sucker forking out $40 for a dozen roses that only cost $10 a few weeks earlier.

Dish out a bit of cash early. If your wife is a Dave Ramsey fan (like mine is) you’ll score a few extra brownie points for saving a few bucks.

2. You will never forget

You are not a dumb guy. You know the date of every major holiday. Or at least the ones that don’t move each year. (I’m talking to you, Thanksgiving.) You know Valentine’s Day is February 14th.

But special occasions have a dirty habit of sneaking up on us like ninjas.

There you are minding your own business, watching ESPN highlights (or The Walking Dead, whatever) and you look over at your wife. You smile and think “Dang, I’m a lucky guy”. Then, without provocation, your beloved looks you square in the eye and asks, “Do you know what today is?


Don’t be that guy. Spring for flowers a little early and you’re almost off the hook for February. Almost. Remember to give your wife a card and/or candy with a kiss on Valentine’s Day too.

BONUS: Stop reading right now and put a reminder on your phone with a bazillion notifications for February 14th. You’ll thank me later.

3. You will look thoughtful

Any woman might get flowers, chocolate, or jewelry on Valentine’s Day. That’s the baseline standard. Show up with an armful of red-themed gifts on February 14th and it’s not a surprise. That’s average.

But your wife will feel extra special if you bring home a bouquet in late January. It demonstrates you were thinking of her and not just succumbing to the Hallmark holiday craze.

Maybe your wife doesn’t like flowers (allergies?), maybe she hates chocolate (communist), maybe she prefers Target jewelry to Tiffany’s (long story). Regardless, you can win at Valentine’s Day this year by getting a jump on romance and celebrating early.

You’ll save some money, avoid ninja attacks, and your wife will brag to her friends about her awesome hubby.

It’s a win-win, bro.

Questions: Who is the romantic in your marriage? What is the best Valentine’s gift you’ve given (or received)?

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    KC, this was funny! I don’t always “get you”, but I liked this post. I can’t really answer your final question; I rarely remember what I give and/or receive for special occasions. Like you, I just shoot for general awesomeness and assume I’ll finish ahead of the game. 😉

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