Get paid to read books

No really, I’m serious. You can get paid to read books.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? I mean, if you’re reading this you’re already a reader on some level. But becoming a professional reader is the stuff dreams are made of.

Sit back by the fire in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee and watch the dollar signs float by as you turn each page.


How much do you think you can make reading books?

  • $1,000?
  • $10,000?
  • $1,000,000,000?

The answer may surprise you: Yes.

Wait a minute. What’s the catch?

No catch. You can make hundreds or millions of dollars reading books.

How’s it work?

For starters, you’re already getting paid to read books.

What? Where’s my paycheck from Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

Actually, the paycheck header has the name of your company on it. Your boss is really paying you to read books.

No, she’s not. Now, I’m just confused.

Sorry, my bad.

Every time you read a book you are equipping yourself with knowledge. Whether the topic is leadership, communication, writing, or whatever, your mental database is rich with applications for your day job or dream job.

See? You already know how to make money. At least some. In fact, you know what it takes to make more money than what you have right now. If not, you know the books to buy and maybe you read them already.

To convert consumption into compensation you must implement the content. The trick is to transform information into application.

You need to DO it.

When you buy (or borrow) a book, read it, and take action you become a capital investor in your future. Put the content you consume to work for you, and get paid for the results.

QUESTION: What do you know how to do, but still haven’t done yet? How much money do you think is sitting in your brain from books you already read?

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  1. Joseph says

    I’ve read a BUNCH in the past5 years. But the job I’m currently in doesn’t allow me to use the knowledge I’m gaining like if like to. Seriously considering if I need to make a change that will allow me to do what I’m passionate about and use the knowledge I’m gaining. Other wise it’s going to waste. Great post!

    • KC Procter says

      That’s tough, Joseph. I appreciate the struggle you’re facing. It took a few years to get recognized at my work for additional learning in potential. In the meantime I hustled on the side and channeled passions that way. Try exploring small ways to put your experience and book-learnin’ to good use. :)

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